Best 100% renewable plans in Texas are currently offered by Brilliant Energy and Frontier Utilities

Picking the right energy company for you 100% renewable plan can be confusing and time consuming.

But consumers like you stand to save hundreds of dollars (and customer service headaches!) each year by continuously sticking with the best energy plan to fit your needs.

For example – if you are currently looking for the best power plan in Texas based on the intersection of good pricing and customer service, Brilliant Energy and Frontier Utilities are the best options, as evidenced by the chart below. Texas 100% renewable energy plans by price and complaint rate (Dallas)

Brilliant Energy has the lowest priced, 6-to-12 month term, Texas 100% renewable residential electricity plans among providers with the lowest complaint rates in the Texas market.  Source Power has the lowest complaint rate in Texas and is offering a plan for 9.7 cents/Kwh (in Dallas/Oncor market) which is the 2nd lowest price plan available.

For residential customers willing to risk a plan from a company that has had a few more issues with customers (average complaint rate), Frontier Utilities has a plan available at 9.2 cents/Kwh (in Dallas/Oncor market) which is the cheapest price currently available in Texas.

But who has time to constantly monitor these rankings to find the best deals…and avoid costly surcharges that result when introductory prices run out? can sign you up for one of the above deals and ensure you always stay in the best plan for your preferences. Whether price or affordable renewable energy is most important to you, will monitor the changing market and ensure you are always in the energy plan that is the best fit for you.

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