releases sortable, searchable Texas Energy Company Matrix

Picking the right energy company can save you money, but can be confusing – and costly – if you don’t read the fine print. In our continued effort to save you money and time, we have created a searchable, sortable Texas Energy Company Matrix.

Perhaps you want to find out which energy company currently has the best rates available? Just click on the “general price rank” column heading and the list will be sorted for you by price. Interested in the cheapest 100% renewable energy offering? Click on that header. Easy.

The matrix also makes it easy to avoid companies that have very poor customer ratings by clicking on the Better Business Bureau rating.

See how easy that is? is committed to saving you money on your energy purchasing and saving you time so you can enjoy that extra money. Go ahead and give the matrix a test drive and when you’re ready to choose a provider, let us know by giving us a call at (832) 819-3250 signing up at


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