You can afford 100% renewable power…If you sign up for the right plan

When you sign up with Energy Simply we encourage you to purchase a 100% renewable power plan.  You get to help the environment even as you consume energy,  Renewable power plans are almost all composed of wind energy and will cost the average household $10 to $15 more each month.    Often we are even able to find customers 100% renewable energy plans that even save them money over their current conventional plan.  

But even when purchasing a specific kind of power like 100% renewable, it is important to still have experts ensure you get signed up for the best plan.  As shown below, the wrong plan in the Dallas/Oncor market may be up to 40% more expensive and cost a typical household up to $50 more per month.

Offers For 100% Renewable Energy can reach over 40% more than the price for the most affordable plan

Don’t be one of the people overpaying.  Sign up for a 100% renewable plan with Energy Simply. You will help the environment and we will make sure you get the best possible plan.

If You Just Use Power To Choose…Chances Are You’re Paying Too Much

Does this sound familiar? You want the cheapest (or greenest) energy provider, so you go to The Power to Choose website to find a new plan.  You have a medium-size house, so you can assume the first plan that comes up with the “lowest” price in big letters is the best choice, right? You sign up and feel great about the savings, but…you’ve just played right into the power companies’ hand and are still paying too much for energy.

Power To Choose Website screenshot of supposedly lowest priced plan

Surprise!’s research team has discovered that the companies are gaming the system.  Energy companies have figured out that Power To Choose and every other power plan comparison site uses the same benchmark (1000 kWh per month usage) as the key plan ranking point, and they take advantage of that by artificially lowering their prices at that exact benchmark. Use more or less than 1000 kWh? You’re going to pay more than the advertised price.

For example,  Gexa Energy, the company featured in the Power To Choose screenshot above.  While it appears they are $0.6¢/kWh (~$70/year) cheaper than the third listed company, Discount Power, what isn’t obvious is they are using Hocus Pocus to make it seem that way.  Hocus Pocus here means higher per kWh energy charges and a $30 credit that you receive when you hit the “magical” 1000 kWh threshold.  The result is their average kWh cost is at it’s absolute lowest point at the 1000 kWh threshold, and that is what Power to Choose displays.

Our electricity usage varies significantly throughout the year.  We use more power in the winter and summer, when our heat and A/C is running, and we use less power in the spring and fall when we don’t need to use to heat or cool our homes. So- your average power usage doesn’t matter.  What matters is what your actual usage will be over the term of the contract you are signing up for. Here’s what a typical usage pattern would look like using the two plans shown in the screenshot above:

Power To Choose comparison of the 2 plans shows Gexa Energy cheaper

Energy Simply analysis using varied monthly usage of a typical household shows 4Change much cheaper

Gexa Energy appears cheaper in the first graph using just what you’d see as the headline kWh cost on Power To Choose.  But typical month-by-month household usage tells a different story.  Discount Power is cheaper than Gexa in 5 of the 9 months.  And ridiculously Gexa is 1.5¢/kWh (~$15/month) more expensive in the 2 months when a typical household would not be projected to hit the magical 1000 kWh and therefore would not receive the Gexa Energy $30 credit. Over the 9-month contract term, a typical household would spend ~$40 more with Gexa Energy’s plan.  That’s $40 that should be staying in your pocket.

The example above compared 2 of the “Top” plans and the difference was $40.  If you are not in a top plan, like the majority of Texans, you are overpaying by far more.

So what can you do?

Well, you could spend hours every 6 month figuring your actual usage and then search painstakingly for the best price that matches your actual usage.

Or… let Energy Simply find you the best plan using your actual usage profile.

Our Power Plan Ranking page can be used to find best pricing for homes similar to those in your area. Check it out and then email or call us.

We don’t work for the big power companies that are gaming the system to charge you more. We work for you – call us today!

Green Mountain Energy And Champion Energy Take Top Spots In JD Power Survey

Green Mountain Energy and Champion Energy received the only 5 circle ratings (out of 5) from JD Power in their 2014 Retail Electric Provider Residential Customer Satisfaction Study.

Overall customer satisfaction in Texas increased 24 points on a 1,000-point scale to 706, and Texas residential retail power customer satisfaction is the highest in the country.

Additionally, 21% of survey respondents say they plan to switch providers in the next 3 months.  If you are one of those 1 in 5 households, make sure you get the best plan and save the most money for your family by joining Energy Simply or using our Texas Energy Matrix to select a plan.

For more details, check out the JD Power press release.

Major Update to Texas Energy Matrix

We have made a major update to our Texas Energy Matrix. Now you can see the top overall and top renewable plans for each company.

We determine the best overall and best renewable power plans for each company and then rank them. You can then click the company and get linked directly to the plan. Plan analysis will be updated daily so you will know you are always finding the best deal. Or…

You can let us do the hard part. We can get you signed up and continuously monitor plan prices so you don’t have to. is committed to saving you money on your energy purchasing and saving you time so you can enjoy that extra money. Go ahead and give the matrix a test drive and when you’re ready to choose a provider, let us know by giving us a call at (832) 819-3250 signing up at