You can afford 100% renewable power…If you sign up for the right plan

When you sign up with Energy Simply we encourage you to purchase a 100% renewable power plan.  You get to help the environment even as you consume energy,  Renewable power plans are almost all composed of wind energy and will cost the average household $10 to $15 more each month.    Often we are even able to find customers 100% renewable energy plans that even save them money over their current conventional plan.  

But even when purchasing a specific kind of power like 100% renewable, it is important to still have experts ensure you get signed up for the best plan.  As shown below, the wrong plan in the Dallas/Oncor market may be up to 40% more expensive and cost a typical household up to $50 more per month.

Offers For 100% Renewable Energy can reach over 40% more than the price for the most affordable plan

Don’t be one of the people overpaying.  Sign up for a 100% renewable plan with Energy Simply. You will help the environment and we will make sure you get the best possible plan.

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