Energy Simply Approved by Illinois Commerce Commission

We are proud to announce that on Thursday, September 4th, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) approved the application of Energy Simply to operate in the state of Illinois.  In the ICC order approving the application, the ICC found: “EnergySimply LLC has demonstrated that it possesses sufficient financial, managerial, and technical resources and abilities to provide services … in the State of Illinois.”

We are honored and excited to begin offering our services to Illinois consumers. There are great savings to be had on the Illinois energy exchange and Energy Simply will help our customers get the cheapest or cheapest 100% renewable energy available to them at any given time. We provide an extremely convenient and affordable way for you to save money, and if you choose, to help the environment.

The order was signed by ICC Chairman, Doug Scott.  Mr. Scott is the former Director of the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency and chaired the Illinois Governor’s Climate Change and Advisory Committee.

Energy Simply is now serving Illinois residents at:

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