You Won’t Notice Any Change To Your Power Bill If You Switch Energy Providers…Except The Lower Price. (Illinois Residents)*

By: Jordan Hobfoll, Co-Founder and CEO, Energy Simply LLC

One of the first questions people in Illinois ask us is, “If I let you switch my power provider, will I get an additional bill or will I have to change my auto pay.” In Illinois, the answer is: No and No.*

Your power bill will still be sent to you by ComEd or Ameren. You will still be able to go online and access your account. Your auto-pay will not change at all.

Only two things will change; your new power provider supplier will now be listed by the supply section of the bill. And IF you choose wisely (or use Energy Simply) the amount you pay for supply will also go down. How much can it go down? For some people as much as 50% or more, but for most people the supply charge reduction will be in the 10-25% range.

ComEd or Ameren will still deliver your power and your bill.  If there are any issues with your power such as outages or surges, you still call them not your new power provider.  You only need to contact your new supplier if you have a problem what they have charged you.

As an added benefit of this structure, there are no new credit checks and therefore no sensitive personal data is required to switch power suppliers in Illinois.

It’s easy so what are you waiting for.

  1. Let Energy Simply make sure that you are always in the best provider-offered plan, based on their research and knowledge of all the retail electric providers and plans.
  2. Figure out what you are paying now on your power bill, Then go to Plug In Illinois and choose a plan that saves you money. Make sure you choose a Fixed rate plan. And make note of when the plan will expire so you can switch to a new plan at that time

Happy Savings–

Jordan Hobfoll is the Co-Founder and CEO of Energy Simply. He previously worked at McKinsey & Company, where he was a consultant for some of the largest electric utilities in the United States. Jordan also holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. in Finance with High Honors from the University of Illinois.

*There are two minor exceptions, AEP Energy and Champion Energy Services send out their own bills.  So far Energy Simply has not recommended these to any customers as having the cheapest or cheapest 100% renewable power plans

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