Happy Birthday to Me!

Well friends, it’s here. I’m now officially in my mid-thirties…and I could not be happier with the dual gifts of a wonderful family and a great job.

Sometimes those two gifts may seem at odds; I’m always wanting more quality time with my toddler, but I’m also totally devoted to spreading the gospel of clean energy savings. When I begin to feel frustrated at the push and pull of personal life vs. professional however, I try to remind myself what motivated me to start Energy Simply in the first place.

  1. Helping Friends and Family Save Money: Few people have the time or expertise to navigate the free market of retail energy. We have saved friends, family (and customers) thousands in just a few short months.
  2. Green Energy Promotion: There are many excellent wind and solar retail energy providers that are 100% renewable and cost little to nothing more than carbon intensive energy sources. We’ve helped people select and lock into the right renewable plans as well as avoid hidden fees or charges sometimes associated with those plans when you lose your introductory rate.

So on those days when I’m working early, late and in between I’m reminded that it is for more than just a paycheck – it is to help empower the little guy and make the world cleaner and greener. These are the benefits that my toddler and her kids and grandkids will inherit one day – a more sustainable planet! So my two greatest birthday gifts (family and work) are actually very complimentary.

Listen: If you agree that people need more control over their energy savings and ability to buy energy from renewable suppliers I have a Birthday RequestBecome an Energy Simply Customer. It won’t even take any time away from your family. In fact, it will give you more time with your family and the peace of mind that goes along with knowing you’re saving money and making the world a better place.

Sign up at www.EnergySimp.ly today!



p.s. All I want for my Birthday is for you to become an Energy Simply Customer.

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