Declare Your Independence from Your Electricity Company

Fourth of July FlagAs the United States celebrates the 240th anniversary of its Declaration of Independence, it’s a great time to declare your own independence from your electricity company.

It’s all the same electricity. Whether you’re getting your home electricity from the incumbent energy provider that can trace its roots back to Thomas Edison, some new start-up with a fancy name, or a 100% renewable, green, non-GMO, organic electricity provider; the electricity coming out of the outlets in your home is the same. (Though members of our founding team all have children under five and would hope that you consider choosing 100% renewable.)

Dozens of different home electricity plans are available. If you haven’t shopped for your home electricity recently, you’ll likely be pleasantly surprised by how much you could save.

Energy Simply Ally

To save yourself the hassle of shopping for the best plan for you (and shopping again when your contract term ends), Energy Simply is your ally against the electricity companies. For a small monthly fee, Energy Simply constantly shops the home electricity market and keeps you in the cheapest plan (or cheapest 100% renewable plan.) Learn more today:

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