Want a FREE Nest Thermostat?

By: Jordan Hobfoll, Co-Founder and CEO, Energy Simply LLC

Guess what… ?  We are launching an Energy Simply referral program!  If you refer enough new customers, we will give you a Nest Thermostat!

If you’re already an Energy Simply customer, get your referral link here: https://www.energysimp.ly/users/refer-a-friend

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The Nest is only one of many energy-saving rewards you can earn by referring family and friends.  We are also giving away:

  • A Philips LED bulb (after 1 referral)
  • A Kill-a-Watt Usage Monitor (after 3 referrals)
  • A WeMo Insight Switch (after 7 referrals)
  • A WeMo LED Starter Set (After 12 referrals)
  • A Nest Learning Thermostat (after 25 referrals)

You’ll help your family and friends get the best rate on their electricity and help reduce your own electricity usage.

And best of all, the rewards are cumulative.  If you refer 25 new customers, you get ALL of the above!

A referral is counted towards this promotion 90-days after a newly referred customer completes their sign-up.

Get your personalized referral link by following the steps below.

THANK YOU for helping to share Energy Simply with your friends and family.

Jordan Hobfoll is the Co-Founder and CEO of Energy Simply. He previously worked at McKinsey & Company, where he was a consultant for some of the largest electric utilities in the United States. Jordan also holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. in Finance with High Honors from the University of Illinois.

P.S.  Get a FREE LED bulb after referring just ONE new Energy Simply customer

Step-by-Step instructions for getting your personal referral link:

1. Point your browser to https://www.energysimp.ly/ , enter your zip code, and click “(Start Saving)”

2a. If you live in an area that doesn’t have consumer electricity choice (ex: WA state; Austin, TX ):

  • Enter your email and click “(Be The First To Know)”
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2c. If you live in a state that has electricity choice and is served by Energy Simply (ex: IL, TX):

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3. Copy your personalized referral code from the right column of the page and share it with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Or share instantly on Facebook or twitter by clicking the icons.

4. Check back at: https://www.energysimp.ly/users/refer-a-friend to see how your referrals are doing

Illinois Electricity Prices on the Rise

Recent news reports have cast a light on impending increases that will start to show up on your electricity bills. The reports outline obscure policies and conditions that could lead to increases as high as 20%! The time has never been better to shop around for a better electricity supplier, or let Energy Simply do the work for you – you’ll save money as energy prices increase and you won’t have to worry about getting hit with hidden fees or switching penalties.

Crains recently reported on a somewhat obscure court ruling that could have major impacts on your energy bills. They’ve also provided coverage on power company rate hikes that will lead to residential customers’ rates jumping significantly! The Chicago Tribune had a similar article outlining the rate hikes for Chicago-area customers.

Finally, there are many consumers whose municipal aggregation electric plans are set to expire and increase in the near future. The Village of Norridge is planning to switch back to Comed since they haven’t been able to negotiate a lower group price. Arlington Heights has paid major fees to an energy consultant, but their rates still aren’t the cheapest available. In fact, cities and towns all over Illinois are seeing their negotiated rates on the rise. Even if your city or town has negotiated good electricity rates for you, Energy Simply can save you money and find you 100% renewable plans, and there is no penalty for opting out of your municipal plan.

So, to recap: The bad news is that your electricity prices are going up. But, the good news is that when you sign up with Energy Simply, we will shop around to keep you locked into the cheapest or cheapest 100% renewable electricity plan. You can rest assured you’ll get the best deal for your money.

As rates start to rise, Energy Simply is prepared to take the hassle out of getting the best deals on cheap and renewable electricity.

Sign up at www.EnergySimp.ly today.

Gideon Blustein is a Co-Founder and Advisor of Energy Simply. He previously worked in the United States Congress as a Chief of Staff and for the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. Gideon is pursing an MPA from Northwestern University and holds a B.A. from the University of Illinois.

If You Just Use Power To Choose…Chances Are You’re Paying Too Much

Does this sound familiar? You want the cheapest (or greenest) energy provider, so you go to The Power to Choose website to find a new plan.  You have a medium-size house, so you can assume the first plan that comes up with the “lowest” price in big letters is the best choice, right? You sign up and feel great about the savings, but…you’ve just played right into the power companies’ hand and are still paying too much for energy.

Power To Choose Website screenshot of supposedly lowest priced plan

Surprise! EnergySimp.ly’s research team has discovered that the companies are gaming the system.  Energy companies have figured out that Power To Choose and every other power plan comparison site uses the same benchmark (1000 kWh per month usage) as the key plan ranking point, and they take advantage of that by artificially lowering their prices at that exact benchmark. Use more or less than 1000 kWh? You’re going to pay more than the advertised price.

For example,  Gexa Energy, the company featured in the Power To Choose screenshot above.  While it appears they are $0.6¢/kWh (~$70/year) cheaper than the third listed company, Discount Power, what isn’t obvious is they are using Hocus Pocus to make it seem that way.  Hocus Pocus here means higher per kWh energy charges and a $30 credit that you receive when you hit the “magical” 1000 kWh threshold.  The result is their average kWh cost is at it’s absolute lowest point at the 1000 kWh threshold, and that is what Power to Choose displays.

Our electricity usage varies significantly throughout the year.  We use more power in the winter and summer, when our heat and A/C is running, and we use less power in the spring and fall when we don’t need to use to heat or cool our homes. So- your average power usage doesn’t matter.  What matters is what your actual usage will be over the term of the contract you are signing up for. Here’s what a typical usage pattern would look like using the two plans shown in the screenshot above:

Power To Choose comparison of the 2 plans shows Gexa Energy cheaper

Energy Simply analysis using varied monthly usage of a typical household shows 4Change much cheaper

Gexa Energy appears cheaper in the first graph using just what you’d see as the headline kWh cost on Power To Choose.  But typical month-by-month household usage tells a different story.  Discount Power is cheaper than Gexa in 5 of the 9 months.  And ridiculously Gexa is 1.5¢/kWh (~$15/month) more expensive in the 2 months when a typical household would not be projected to hit the magical 1000 kWh and therefore would not receive the Gexa Energy $30 credit. Over the 9-month contract term, a typical household would spend ~$40 more with Gexa Energy’s plan.  That’s $40 that should be staying in your pocket.

The example above compared 2 of the “Top” plans and the difference was $40.  If you are not in a top plan, like the majority of Texans, you are overpaying by far more.

So what can you do?

Well, you could spend hours every 6 month figuring your actual usage and then search painstakingly for the best price that matches your actual usage.

Or… let Energy Simply find you the best plan using your actual usage profile.

Our Power Plan Ranking page can be used to find best pricing for homes similar to those in your area. Check it out and then email or call us.

We don’t work for the big power companies that are gaming the system to charge you more. We work for you – call us today!