Better Business Bureau, Baby


Today we received accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and we’re so proud we want to shout it from the mountain tops. However, since we are not on mountain tops and it is rather late at night, we’ll happily post it to the internet via our blog and social media pages.

According to its website, the “BBB helps people find and recommend businesses, brands and charities they can trust.”

Basically they help you, the consumer, know that you’re dealing with a reputable company that delivers on promises. Why does that matter to us? Honestly, because we save people so much money by monitoring and switching their energy supplier that it is a little unbelievable.

If you want to become a believer, sign up at

Energy Simply’s new web tools help Texans save on electric company bills

“On average we can save Texans $50 every month, but we’ve saved some of our customers much more.” -Jordan Hobfoll, Energy Simply President and CEO

Energy Simply, an energy services company dedicated to helping Texas consumers choose the right electricity plan, debuted dynamic new tools for its web-based services. The enhancements include a Savings Calculator, Explainer Video and How it Works Page, as well as a streamlined sign-up process.

Choosing the right electricity plan is confusing and time-consuming. Retail electric companies make it even more difficult by offering teaser rates and expensive fees. Energy Simply takes the pain and frustration out of choosing the right plan by doing the work for their customers. Energy Simply employees use proprietary modeling to constantly sort through thousands of electricity plans, choosing the perfect plan for each of their customers – either the cheapest or cheapest 100% renewable based on customer preference.

“Our new explainer video and web tools make our services even easier to understand and access,” said Hobfoll. Consumers can go to to view the minute and a half, animated video, use the savings calculator and sign up.

Want a FREE Nest Thermostat?

By: Jordan Hobfoll, Co-Founder and CEO, Energy Simply LLC

Guess what… ?  We are launching an Energy Simply referral program!  If you refer enough new customers, we will give you a Nest Thermostat!

If you’re already an Energy Simply customer, get your referral link here:

If you’re not yet an Energy Simply customer, follow the steps at the bottom to get your personal referral link.

The Nest is only one of many energy-saving rewards you can earn by referring family and friends.  We are also giving away:

  • A Philips LED bulb (after 1 referral)
  • A Kill-a-Watt Usage Monitor (after 3 referrals)
  • A WeMo Insight Switch (after 7 referrals)
  • A WeMo LED Starter Set (After 12 referrals)
  • A Nest Learning Thermostat (after 25 referrals)

You’ll help your family and friends get the best rate on their electricity and help reduce your own electricity usage.

And best of all, the rewards are cumulative.  If you refer 25 new customers, you get ALL of the above!

A referral is counted towards this promotion 90-days after a newly referred customer completes their sign-up.

Get your personalized referral link by following the steps below.

THANK YOU for helping to share Energy Simply with your friends and family.

Jordan Hobfoll is the Co-Founder and CEO of Energy Simply. He previously worked at McKinsey & Company, where he was a consultant for some of the largest electric utilities in the United States. Jordan also holds an MBA from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.S. in Finance with High Honors from the University of Illinois.

P.S.  Get a FREE LED bulb after referring just ONE new Energy Simply customer

Step-by-Step instructions for getting your personal referral link:

1. Point your browser to , enter your zip code, and click “(Start Saving)”

2a. If you live in an area that doesn’t have consumer electricity choice (ex: WA state; Austin, TX ):

  • Enter your email and click “(Be The First To Know)”
  • Skip to step 3

2b. If you live in a state that has electricity choice but is not yet served by Energy Simply (ex: MA, NY):

  • Enter your info and click “(Sign-up)”
  • Skip to step 3

2c. If you live in a state that has electricity choice and is served by Energy Simply (ex: IL, TX):

  • Enter your info and click “(Sign-up For Free 30-Day Trial)”

3. Copy your personalized referral code from the right column of the page and share it with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Or share instantly on Facebook or twitter by clicking the icons.

4. Check back at: to see how your referrals are doing

Northern Illinois Residents, We Can Now Save You Money On Your Power Bill

Energy Simply is proud to announce its service is now available to all residents of the state of Illinois currently in the Comed service area.

Following on the heels of our approval by the Illinois Commerce Commission, we’ve updated our technology to be able to serve consumers in the great state of Illinois. We are currently live in the Comed service area (Northern IL) and anticipate being live in the Ameren service area in the coming weeks.

Energy Simply is the simplest way to get big savings on your monthly electricity bill without. By partnering with Energy Simply, you can take the stress out of navigating the many dozens of retail energy offers in the Illinois Market and stay locked into either the cheapest or cheapest 100% renewable energy plan.   Bottom line, we save you money without you having to do anything after the initial sign-up.

It only takes a few quick clicks to sign up and begin saving on your monthly electricity bills.

Illinois residents can learn about Energy Simply and sign-up for our service at

Major Update to Texas Energy Matrix

We have made a major update to our Texas Energy Matrix. Now you can see the top overall and top renewable plans for each company.

We determine the best overall and best renewable power plans for each company and then rank them. You can then click the company and get linked directly to the plan. Plan analysis will be updated daily so you will know you are always finding the best deal. Or…

You can let us do the hard part. We can get you signed up and continuously monitor plan prices so you don’t have to. is committed to saving you money on your energy purchasing and saving you time so you can enjoy that extra money. Go ahead and give the matrix a test drive and when you’re ready to choose a provider, let us know by giving us a call at (832) 819-3250 signing up at releases sortable, searchable Texas Energy Company Matrix

Picking the right energy company can save you money, but can be confusing – and costly – if you don’t read the fine print. In our continued effort to save you money and time, we have created a searchable, sortable Texas Energy Company Matrix.

Perhaps you want to find out which energy company currently has the best rates available? Just click on the “general price rank” column heading and the list will be sorted for you by price. Interested in the cheapest 100% renewable energy offering? Click on that header. Easy.

The matrix also makes it easy to avoid companies that have very poor customer ratings by clicking on the Better Business Bureau rating.

See how easy that is? is committed to saving you money on your energy purchasing and saving you time so you can enjoy that extra money. Go ahead and give the matrix a test drive and when you’re ready to choose a provider, let us know by giving us a call at (832) 819-3250 signing up at