Extra Holiday Cash: Energy Simply Offers Holiday Referral Bonus

Holidays are right around the corner. Regardless of how you celebrate it is a natural time of the year to worry about money. Instead of worrying, we can help you make extra money just by posting on social media sights. It’s completely free, no commitment, no tricks or gimmicks.

holiday stressFrom December 15th until January 15th we are offering existing customers $30 for every new customer they bring in. That is triple our regular referral bonus of $10.

Recruiting new customers can be very easy; one of the most effective ways is posting to social media. But there are ways to make this method more effective:

  • Post to a neighborhood or private group in Facebook: Does your neighborhood have a Facebook group? It’s easy to find out. If you live in the “Smithtown” area of Anywhere, USA, simply search for “Smithville Neighborhood Group” in Facebook. Chances are you’ll find your group and you can send a request to the moderator to join. Once the moderator approves you, you’ll be able to post. TIPS: You may not want to be too “salesy” right off the bat – your message may get flagged or taken down or just ignored. Instead, share a simple message about why you’re a happy customer. “Hey Smithtown Friends: If you’re sick of dealing with electric companies you can try EnergySimp.ly. They find the cheapest electric and auto-switch you. I was surprised how much they saved me.”
  • Join Next Door: Chances are there is a Next Door group for your area. NextDoor.com is like Facebook but limited to just your neighborhood. To find out, just go to www.NextDoor.com, enter your address and email and take it from there. What’s cool is that you can then invite your neighbors to join by sending them a free postcard. It’s fast and easy to start a Next Door group for your area too. Once you’ve joined you can use the same basic message for Next Door as you did for Facebook. Keep it simple: “Hi Neighbors, I’ve saved a lot of money on my power bill and a lot of hassle when I became an Energy Simply customer. They’re not a power company, they choose the cheapest for me and handle all the switching too. You should try it – just go to: INSERT LINK
  • Friends and Family: There is no simpler way than strong-arming encouraging family members that they should save money on their electricity. Pass the time with family this Holiday Season showing friends and family just how easy our sign up process is by sitting them down with their power bills and going to EnergySimp.ly.

Think about how you make purchasing decisions. With so many options and potential pitfalls how can you make the right decision? How can you be sure that you are getting the best price and not getting taken advantage of? Referrals are the strongest source of customer growth because it is built on trust. If you’ve had a good experience, share it so that other people can share the joy of saving money and being stress free.


Gift Energy Simply: Get Energy Simply

The clock is ticking for those last minute gifts. Might we make a suggestion? How about a 6 or 12 month subscription to Energy Simply? At $5/month it is an affordable gift which we are sure your friends and family will love for two reasons:

  1. They won’t have to worry about choosing an electricity provider for the subscription term. Energy Simply shops the market and uses their usage to find them the best price at all times.
  2. They will see savings on their electricity bills! Your gift is worth far more than the subscription fee because our customers save an average of $50/month!

As a special incentive, we’ll throw in a 3 month free subscription for YOU when you give Energy Simply as a gift.

Simply call 1-844-586-9850 or email jordan@energysimp.ly to place your order and we will email a notification and ship the recipient a gift certificate for the subscription amount desired. Thanks!