7 Simple Things You Should Know About Your Electricity


The Times Record News of Wichita Falls has sponsored content up featuring some very useful tips on how to save on your electricity. The first couple are perhaps the most important:

1. You pay too much. A lot too much.
If you live in Wichita Falls, you’re likely paying anywhere from 8 cents to 10 cents or more per kilowatt hour (kWh). The best rates right now are between 5 and 7 cents per kWh. Average savings: $50 or more per month. That’s a lot of Pat’s burgers, Wichita Falls!

2. Your power company bets you’re lazy.
If you are inattentive – and who enjoys reading utility statements? – you are an easy mark. Use more energy than your plan allows? Pay more. Use less energy than your plan specifies in the fine print? Pay more. On a variable plan and summer arrives early? Pay more. Or, perhaps you jumped on one of the many cut-rate offers out there and have not examined your bill closely since you switched. Typically, the low-ball introductory rate expires. Yup. Pay more.

For the full article, click here…and then click on over to www.EnergySimp.ly to learn how we can take the pain and frustration out of saving money on your electric bill each month!

Wichita Falls, Get $50 per month back on your electric bills.

We’re excited to announce that we’re ramping up our outreach to Wichita Falls, TX. After analysis of retail electric rates across Texas (which, frankly, we are always doing) we recognized that we can save the good people of Wichita Falls significant money on their electricity bills. You’ll hear our outreach on the radio at KCCU 88.7 FM, read about us in the Times Record News and learn about our service with our flyers in your mailbox.

Wichita FallsFor example, many Wichita Falls residents may be paying 8, 9, 10 cents or more per kWh. That is way too much! Many residents might be in a variable rate plan whose rates could skyrocket depending on your energy use. Right now, we can get customers into plans that are between 5 and 7 cents per kWh. That means we can save an average customer $50 or more per month.

Energy Simply is not a Retail Electric Company. We are your ally against the Retail Electric Companies. We are constantly shopping the market for the best rates and then we automatically switch our customers whenever we can save them money. We take the worry out of selecting an electric plan and save our customers an average of $50/month all for the low subscription price of $5/month. $50 to you, $5 to us…sign up or learn more at www.EnergySimp.ly.

FAQ: Sorting all the electric company offers you receive in the mail

Why am I receiving so many electricity offers in the mail? Should I be switching to one of them if they say they’re the cheapest?

mail pile

If you live in Texas or Illinois you will receive lots of offers in the mail from electricity companies claiming to be the greenest or the cheapest. That is because Illinois and Texas have opened up the retail electricity market to competition. If you’re one of our customers there’s a good chance you’ll get lots of mail from these companies because they will recognize that you’re shopping the market (or, more accurately, that we are shopping the market for you).

Here’s the thing – a lot of those offers come with pitfalls. Perhaps they are offering a low introductory rate, or perhaps they have a variable rate and they’re counting on you being too busy to pay attention when it skyrockets. Either way, there is no electric company in existence who’s bottom line is your top priority!

We welcome your questions when you receive these offers. After all, our top priority is your bottom line! Our business model is based on saving you the most money on your electric. We are happy to provide free advice on the offers – or, if you just don’t want to worry about it you can sign up for our service and we will take care of it for you. From monitoring the market, to identifying and getting you into the best plan to switching you when we can save you even more – we take the hassle and uncertainty out of buying electricity for your home.


Over Three Million Texas Households Aren’t Taking Advantage of Energy Choice


You could be one of over three million Texas households not taking advantage of energy choice.

The “incumbent” power companies in Houston and Dallas, Reliant Energy and TXU Energy, have over three million (3,000,000) Texans as customers between the two of them.  Except in some very rare cases, all of these customers could be saving money by taking advantage of energy choice.

If you’re on Reliant Energy’s cheapest variable plan in Houston, you’re currently paying $0.086/kWh at 2,000 kWh/month.  That’s $172/month.  You could be on a fixed rate plan for $0.069/kWh or $138/month.  That’s a savings of $34/month; and that’s just with rough numbers(1).  Choosing a plan specific to YOUR electricity use could save you even more.

If you’re on Reliant Energy’s cheapest variable plan in Dallas, you’re currently paying $0.076/kWh at 2,000 kWh/month.  That’s $152/month.  You could be on a fixed rate plan for $0.038/kWh or $76/month.  That’s a savings of $76/month or CUTTING YOUR ENERGY BILL IN HALF!  And that’s with just rough numbers(2).  Choosing a plan specific to YOUR electricity use could save you even more.

Energy Simply provides a service to our customers for $5/month to monitor the electricity market and keep you in the cheapest (or cheapest 100% renewable) plan for YOUR energy use.  You can sign-up today at https://www.EnergySimp.ly/.  And Energy Simply is 100% customer-focused – only accepting money from our customers and never taking kick-backs from power companies.

If you’re curious, read below to see how we calculated the number of customers who could be taking better advantage of energy:


Texas power companies don’t usually publicly report their number of customers, but the staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) suggests an amount of taxes each company is required to pay proportional to their number of customers.  Paul Ring of EnergyChoiceMatters.com has a story with these numbers.  You can easily calculate the approximate number of Texas customers for each power company:


Company             Taxes paid          Approximate number of Texas customers

TXU Energy               $22,210         1,670,000 customers

Reliant Energy           $19,770        1,500,000 customers

Ambit Texas               $5,627          425,000 customers

Green Mountain Energy     $4,567              350,000 customers

Stream Energy             $4,203        315,000 customers

Direct Energy             $3,896          300,000 customers

Just Energy               $3,327            250,000 customers

(1) Data is from PowerToChoose.org for Houston zip code 77009 as of Friday, September 25, 2015

(2) Data is from PowerToChoose.org for Dallas zip code as 75206 of Friday, September 25, 2015

Seasonal Variance and Personal Variance

How do seasons and personal energy usage impact costs?

Your electricity bill varies significantly by season.  If you live in Texas, you’re likely using relatively little energy during the winter months and likely using lots of energy during the summer months.

We use data below from a randomly selected sample of twenty-five Energy Simply customers from Texas.

SEASONAL VARIANCE: Look at the line in the graph below labeled “TX Average.”  The horizontal line labeled “1” below represents average usage.  Looking at the six months from November to April, electricity usage is well below average; but for the three summer months from June to August, usage is well above average.  If your average usage was around 1,000 kWh, you would want to find the best plan for 750 kWh in the winter months and around 1,500 kWh in the summer months.  Rarely is one plan the best plan at both of these usage levels so you’ll want to be switching plans when the seasons change (or let Energy Simply do this for you.)

Seasonal and Personal variance PNG

PERSONAL VARIANCE: Seasonal variance is a big factor in choosing the best plan for you, but personal variance is also very important.  “TX Customer 1” and “TX Customer 2” represent two customers from the randomly selected sample of 25.  They illustrate the significant variance individuals might have even from the average.  Assuming an average monthly usage of 1,000 kWh for both of these customers, “TX Customer 1” used more than 2,500 kWh in June; more than 2.5x their average.  “TX Customer 2” used about 333 kWh in February and March; about 1/3 of their average.  Most plans that are good deals at 2,500 kWh/month are not so good at 1,000 kWh or 500 kWh; and same for plans that are good deals for 500 kWh/month aren’t often so good for 1,000 kWh/month or 2,000 kWh/month.

If you want to be in the best plans for your personalized usage, you should be changing with the seasons (or letting Energy Simply do this for you.)

Gift Energy Simply: Get Energy Simply

The clock is ticking for those last minute gifts. Might we make a suggestion? How about a 6 or 12 month subscription to Energy Simply? At $5/month it is an affordable gift which we are sure your friends and family will love for two reasons:

  1. They won’t have to worry about choosing an electricity provider for the subscription term. Energy Simply shops the market and uses their usage to find them the best price at all times.
  2. They will see savings on their electricity bills! Your gift is worth far more than the subscription fee because our customers save an average of $50/month!

As a special incentive, we’ll throw in a 3 month free subscription for YOU when you give Energy Simply as a gift.

Simply call 1-844-586-9850 or email jordan@energysimp.ly to place your order and we will email a notification and ship the recipient a gift certificate for the subscription amount desired. Thanks!


Don’t be a Turkey: Stop paying too much for Electric

The electric companies love you. Every month they can count on you to not review your bill, check for competitive pricing and they are taking that to the bank! You’ve helped pay for a lot of lavish Thanksgiving feasts for energy executives today.

It’s Thanksgiving, so don’t be a Turkey – compare prices on your turkeyelectricity. Perhaps you’ll even find that you can get 100% renewable electricity for cheaper than traditional, dirty electric. If you don’t have the time to shop the electric markets let us do it for you. For $5 a month we’re saving our customers $10, $25 – many as much as $50 every month!

And, because we are thankful for our customers we have incentives to help you sign your friends up such as a free Nest thermostat. Loosen that belt after dinner, grab your electricity bill and sign up to start saving.

Solving for the “Huh?” Factor: Enhanced Website and Explainer Vid

Okay, okay we get it. The concept behind our company is new and a little hard to understand. Or maybe you get it, but you’ve been trying to explain it to friends and family and they’re like…

I dont get it

Well now you don’t have to be like…

sorry I annoyed you

You can just point them to our majorly enhanced website at www.EnergySimp.ly – THERE IS EVEN A VIDEO!!! Here are a few of the updates on our website:

  • Savings Calculator – To quickly identify how much you can save with us.
  • How it Works Page – For a deep dive on our business model.
  • Customer Testimonials – To feature some of our super smart and great looking customers.
  • Founders’ Bios – So people know they can trust us.
  • Streamlined sign-up process.
  • Explainer Video (below)

Once you’ve shared the website with your friends they’ll be all like…

I love you

Thank you so much for your patronage and go check out the website by clicking here!

P.S. If you’re psyched about our enhanced website and video tell your friends! You can get free stuff by referring friends, follow and tweet about us, like and post about us on Facebook and like and post about us on LinkedIn. Thanks again!

Dallas Morning News Watchdog: Tips for Choosing Electricity Plans


The Dallas Morning News’ Watchdog,  Dave Lieber provides some great tips on choosing the best electricity plan in Texas. If you’re like us (before we started Energy Simply) you’ve been frustrated and maybe even confused by which plan is the best for you. The Watchdog offers these helpful tips (paraphrased):

1. Legacy Providers Don’t Offer an Advantage.

2. Switching is good!

3. By doing your homework you can save hundreds of dollars.

4. Know your current contract’s terms.

5. Decide between fixed rate or variable.

6. Conduct thorough search using powertochoose.org.

7. Fill out all the information and checkboxes to see what plan might be best for you.

8. Study the results: terms of service, facts sheet, signup and special terms

9. Background check the plan that looks like the best for you: Make sure they don’t have any major consumer complaints.

10. Read the contract.

So, while this list is very helpful, it looks like it could take as much time and effort as filing your taxes. Look, there is a reason people hire accountants! You could follow the steps very helpfully outlined by the Watchdog…or, for $5 bucks a month you can hire us to do it for you.

We guarantee we’ll keep you in the cheapest or cheapest 100% renewable electricity plan always…and you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Well friends, it’s here. I’m now officially in my mid-thirties…and I could not be happier with the dual gifts of a wonderful family and a great job.

Sometimes those two gifts may seem at odds; I’m always wanting more quality time with my toddler, but I’m also totally devoted to spreading the gospel of clean energy savings. When I begin to feel frustrated at the push and pull of personal life vs. professional however, I try to remind myself what motivated me to start Energy Simply in the first place.

  1. Helping Friends and Family Save Money: Few people have the time or expertise to navigate the free market of retail energy. We have saved friends, family (and customers) thousands in just a few short months.
  2. Green Energy Promotion: There are many excellent wind and solar retail energy providers that are 100% renewable and cost little to nothing more than carbon intensive energy sources. We’ve helped people select and lock into the right renewable plans as well as avoid hidden fees or charges sometimes associated with those plans when you lose your introductory rate.

So on those days when I’m working early, late and in between I’m reminded that it is for more than just a paycheck – it is to help empower the little guy and make the world cleaner and greener. These are the benefits that my toddler and her kids and grandkids will inherit one day – a more sustainable planet! So my two greatest birthday gifts (family and work) are actually very complimentary.

Listen: If you agree that people need more control over their energy savings and ability to buy energy from renewable suppliers I have a Birthday RequestBecome an Energy Simply Customer. It won’t even take any time away from your family. In fact, it will give you more time with your family and the peace of mind that goes along with knowing you’re saving money and making the world a better place.

Sign up at www.EnergySimp.ly today!



p.s. All I want for my Birthday is for you to become an Energy Simply Customer.