Illinois Residents: As municipal rate plans expire, rates may go up

If you buy electricity in Illinois there is a good chance you’ve saved a little money due to municipal aggregation. A few years ago when Illinois opened up its retail electricity market the law allowed for companies to negotiate deals with local municipal governments (villages, cities, counties, townships) which typically resulted in cheaper electricity for residents. Okay, hopefully I haven’t already lost you…this is important!tearing contract

Most of those rates were pretty good – unless you’re in Aurora, IL – your rates are very high and you should call us immediately! But, many of those agreements are set to expire in coming months. One very big example is the City of Chicago who’s municipal aggregation agreement expires in May of 2015. However, there are many other agreements that are set to expire soon.

What that means is there will be uncertainty in the market and potential rate increases. Here are a couple of tips to protect yourself from rate increases:

  • Check here to see if your municipal aggregation plan is set to expire soon.
  • If it is, check with your town about the new rates.
  • Keep a close eye on your electricity bill.

With preparation and research you can benefit from the market uncertainty by getting lower rates from competitors. If you don’t have the time to research and manage the switching – we can do it for you.

Many people (Chicago included) will automatically switch to being Comed customers. If you’d prefer cheaper or greener electricity than Comed offers, sign up with Energy Simply and we’ll keep you locked into the cheapest or cheapest green electricity available at all times.

Northern Illinois Residents, We Can Now Save You Money On Your Power Bill

Energy Simply is proud to announce its service is now available to all residents of the state of Illinois currently in the Comed service area.

Following on the heels of our approval by the Illinois Commerce Commission, we’ve updated our technology to be able to serve consumers in the great state of Illinois. We are currently live in the Comed service area (Northern IL) and anticipate being live in the Ameren service area in the coming weeks.

Energy Simply is the simplest way to get big savings on your monthly electricity bill without. By partnering with Energy Simply, you can take the stress out of navigating the many dozens of retail energy offers in the Illinois Market and stay locked into either the cheapest or cheapest 100% renewable energy plan.   Bottom line, we save you money without you having to do anything after the initial sign-up.

It only takes a few quick clicks to sign up and begin saving on your monthly electricity bills.

Illinois residents can learn about Energy Simply and sign-up for our service at